• 6 slices Sunbake Sliced Brown Bread
  • 4 cheese slices
  • 60 ml cheese spread or spreadable butter

For garnish:
Tomato, pitted black olives and capers
Shredded lettuce or baby


Place 4 bread slices onto a board and spread lightly with butter or cheese spread, then top these with cheese slices. Using an oval template, cut out each of these sandwiches into an egg shape. Cut the same size oval out of the remaining 2 bread slices and, with the use of a sharp knife or scissors, cut a zig zag line through the middle of these bread slices. Spread a little cheese spread or butter on one side of these cut shapes – this will be the glue. Place this with butter side down on one end of the cheese sandwich. Make the little chick’s face with tomato pieces, black olives and capers to resemble a beak and eyes. Serve on a platter of shredded lettuce or baby spinach.