• 4 slices Sunbake Sliced White Bread
  • A little butter, softened
  • 50 ml fig preserve jam
  • 20 ml Dijon mustard
  • A few slices of brie or
  • 1 thick slice of ham (best from the deli counter, or left over)
  • Salad leaves, to serve


Pre-heat toaster or a small griddle pan. Butter each slice of bread on one side. Spread the unbuttered side of 2 bread slices with mustard. Top each of these with brie, ham and fig jam, sandwich with the remaining bread, butter-side up. Place in the toaster or on the griddle pan. If cooking in a pan, squash down a little while cooking, flip over when golden (2-3 mins) and cook the other side. Serve with a handful of salad leaves.